Spring Travels Bring New Career Tracks and International Collaborations to Albion College

The excitement is mounting for some upcoming travels. In two weeks, Drew Christopher (Chair,  Psychological Science), Karen Erlandson (Chair, Communication Studies) and I (Economics & Management) will be flying, across the pond, to Paris, France! The purpose of this trip is to engage in discussions with international colleagues from the American University of Paris and Ecoltrie de superieur de Vente (Sup de V) related to the developing business communications career track. We hope is to create international collaborations with faculty and students around the issues of international business and global communications by creating experiential learning opportunities in these areas. Given the realities of a global society we, at Albion, are searching for ways to increase the international experiences for our students, faculty, and staff.

We recognize the importance of communicating in a global society which has fueled our interest in initiatives such as this. In a recent article published by Yahoo Education — Degrees That Get You Noticed by Chris Kyle — the #4 job listed is in the area of communications. The article noted that, “Recent graduates who are able to show how their skills have helped solve business problems, whether as part of a school project or internship, and contributed to a successful campaign will most impress hiring managers.” We are confident that our international (and domestic) partnerships and curricular initiatives will open the world to our students and enable them to show off their skills by solving the world’s business problems. Here’s to Albion, Always Thinking — Bon Voyage!

– Vicki Baker

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