Meet a Student: Caroline Dobbins

Hello Everyone!

My name is Caroline Dobbins and I am a junior Economics and Management Major here at Albion College.  I’m more involved than I probably should be but that is what college is for!  I participate in the women’s varsity swim team, a campus tour guide, I hold an executive position in my sorority Delta Gamma, I mentor at the local elementary school and finally I’m a member of the symphony orchestra on campus.  Sounds like a lot to do right, well it is but I wouldn’t have my college experience any other way.

Being a E & M major is great! I enjoy getting to know the business world and what truly makes the world around me tick.  Although I do not wish to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve or the next great economist I believe that the skills I learn in my economics classes can only benefit me in my quest to join the marketing field after graduation.  The professors in the E & M department are beyond willing to help  with any question I might have and I know they always want me to do my best.  It is great to know that no matter my desired career path my professors will support me and help me in any way possible.  I’m sure if you asked any student on the campus of Albion College you would receive the same answers.  That’s one of the great things about the atmosphere at AC.

I am also a member of the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management here on campus.  Through that program I have found some of my best friends, the most important mentors in my life as well as some wonderful opportunities for personal and professional development.  I spent last semester (Fall 2010) in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA complete 1 of my 2 required internships. I participated in a program called The Philadelphia Center, completing 2 classes and an internship 4 days a week.  I completed my internship at O3 World, a brand communications firm where I worked in market research and social media.  The entire Philadelphia experience was amazing and I have Gerstacker to thank.  I am now beginning the process of  searching for jobs and grad schools for after graduation.  I just want to pinch myself each time I realize graduation is only a year away.

I hope I gave you a little insight to the life of an Albion College student, a E & M major and a member of the Gerstacker Institute.  Thanks for reading!

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