World Clothes Line: Mallory Brown

I am inspired by the world.  I love different places, sounds, and smells (well most of them).  I feel a great connection to people in other countries and a desire to impact their lives.  In 2010, less than three years after graduating from Albion College, I bottled up my passions and turned them into a business – World Clothes Line.

WCL recent trip to a village in Peru

World Clothes Line is an online apparel retail store with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world.  WCL matches every item sold with a new item for someone in need.  This way, when our customers purchase merchandise for themselves, they also give directly to others.

WCL clothing designs are inspired by different countries around the world.  Currently, we sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in three collections: Indonesia, Peru, and the United States.  Items purchased from each collection will benefit people in that respective country.  The WCL team travels (yep, we actually go!) around the world to personally deliver clothes to people who need them most.

WCL was inspired, in large part, by my years at Albion College.  As a freshman, I visited Germany with my first year seminar class.  That was my first trip overseas and opened my eyes to the world.  I, then, spent the first half of my junior year in Paris, on a study abroad semester.  It was an Albion requirement for my French major but also four of the best months of my life.

These experiences motivated me to use my credits in the Gerstacker Institute to graduate early.  I spent (what should have been) my last semester senior year with a backpack on my back, exploring South East Asia.  This is when I first discovered the incredible need for clothing around the world and planted the seed for World Clothes Line.

WCL in Peru

Albion also created relationships.  I met my good friend, Josh Fales, at Albion.  Josh is the founder of, a custom screen printing company which is now based in Ann Arbor, MI.  Create My Tee has become WCL’s merchandise partner.  Together, we are committed through friendship and philanthropy to providing quality clothes to our customers and recipients around the world.

You buy, we give, together we clothe the world

In founding a humanitarian company, I have gained perspective.  I see the commonalities that all people share.  I feel the impact that one person can make.  I recognize the influence of my past and the potential of my future…and right now, that future is looking to include lots and lots of clothes!

If you’d like to support the WCL movement, please join us at

Mallory Brown

Founder – World Clothes Line

Albion Class of ‘08

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