Summer time is in full swing

Hello All!

Albion College has been out of school for just under one month and summer is really kicking into high gear.  While most students are looking for summer jobs or enjoying time in the sun with family or at the pool the students in the Economics and Management Department as well as the Gerstacker Institute are very busy.

The upcoming Juniors, class of 2013, Gerstacker Majors are participating in summer school.  A very busy and very fun 7 weeks of class and professional development mixed with a some fun with friends create a very unique experience.  Students take  business functions, business communications and business ethics courses all meant to prepare them for what they might experience while on their first internship during their junior year.

When students aren’t doing classwork they participate in professional development workshops including, dinner etiquette (for those fancy business dinners), speed dating (business networking style) so students can practice their “elevator speech” and learn how to sell themselves and finally an entire day of mock interviews. These interviews are the highlight of the summer since many students begin to secure their first internship in these formal, yet educational interviews geared towards teaching good interview skills in a controlled but real environment.  Check back in a few weeks for a few blog posts from a couple of summer schools and hear it directly from a student livin’ the life!

Not to neglect the rest of the wonderful E & M and Gerstacker students here is the update on them.  Most upcoming seniors, class of 2012 are completing their final internship this summer.  There are 25 students on internships this summer in varying fields from Accounting to Finance, to human resources and hospital management and even a lab assistant in a cancer research lab. Some of those students will also be telling their stories here on the blog throughout the summer so be sure to check back!

Each Tuesday and Thursday this summer there will be one of three different kinds of spotlights, 1. Students attending summer school, 2. Students completing an internship or 3. An Alumni “Where are they now spotlight”.  So be sure to check back frequently this summer to see what is new!

Remember to find out more about whats happening with the E & M and Gerstacker Departments be sure to become a “Fan” on Facebook or  follow us on Twitter!

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