Public Accounting with Melissa Megerian

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I am currently an incoming senior at Albion and doing my second internship this summer in public accounting.

One of the main reasons I chose to attend Albion was for the Gerstacker Institute.  Gerstacker is such an amazing program; it has provided me with so many opportunities and great experiences.  I will be graduating with a major in Economics/Management with a concentration in Accounting.  After graduation, I will take the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam.  Albion’s Accounting program is one of the only programs that requires you to have two internships, and graduate in 4 years with your 150 hour course requirement for the CPA certification.

Melissa Megerian Assurance and Tax Intern at PwC

The program has also prepared me very well for my two internships.  My first internship was this past  winter at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Detroit.  I worked in Assurance in Private Company Services.  PwC is one of the “Big 4” public accounting firms.  PwC is one of many accounting firms that has recruiting events at Albion.  I began going to their events my freshman year and was invited to their Leadership Adventure in Detroit.  It was a two day conference where I networked and learned about the company.  I did another office visit after that, and was then offered a winter internship.  Doing an internship in the winter season was a great experience because I was able to see the busy season.  One of my favorite parts of my internship was the coaching.  I had never taken an audit class before, but my first week of my internship was all training where I learned about PwC’s auditing process and systems.  The next eight weeks were spent at different client’s offices performing the audit.  I worked with all private companies in the Private Company Services group, so I was able to work with six different clients during my internship including automotive and software companies.

PwC has a lot of confidence in their interns.  I was given a lot of responsibilities performing associate level work; I saw an audit from beginning to end; and a lot of my work involved communicating with the client.  Everyone was very willing to help and coach me through everything.  I built great relationships with everyone from associates to partners and at the end of my internship I was offered a full time associate position in Assurance for the fall 2012 after I graduate from Albion.

That also led me to my second internship this summer at PwC in the tax department.  It has been great to have the opportunity to see the audit and tax side of public accounting.  I’ve been able to work on tax returns for individuals and private companies.  My experience with PwC has been great and it has truly helped me grow and prepare for my career.  I’m really looking forward to continuing my learning during this internship.

If you have any questions about my internship experience, the Gerstacker program, or the Economics and Management Department please don’t hesitate to contact me at  You can also get information about PwC’s internship programs at

Melissa Megerian

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