A Student Perspective on the Value of Experiential Learning

Dennis, intern at tng worldwide, Summer 2011

An Albion Advantage The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management sets the bar high for making sure that each student receives a challenging and quality education upon graduation. Part of the journey involves internships that help set up students for success in a number of ways.

Experiential learning should first and foremost be an enjoyable experience for the student and the company in which the internship takes place. The Institute is there to help students connect with potential opportunities, increase networking with the companies for future students and also to make sure that internships consist of more than just making copies and getting coffee.

The Institute offers flexibility throughout the internship process to allow for the best fit for the student and the company. Whether you’re interested in accounting and finance, management, marketing or something else, the Institute will work with you to find a company that works.

I am doing my internship at tng worldwide in Farmington Hills, Michigan. tng worldwide is the nation’s largest independently owned distributors of professional beauty products, and an $80+ million family-owned business with customers around the world and more than 200 beauty experts and specialized talent. I am working in the Media and Marketing Solutions Department at the corporate headquarters and in my first four weeks alone, I have written articles for the upcoming July/August issue of The Industry Source, a small business magazine that we produce with a circulation of 40,000.

At TNG we have over a dozen Web sites to maintain and constantly update, so I have been given the opportunity to help manage content on our bebeautiful Web site and our Web site for another division of the company called The Industry Source. In the next few weeks I am also going to be revamping another of the company’s sites for a brand that TNG is the Master US Agent of, so look back to the E&M blog to see how that turns out once it goes live.

The value of the opportunity to get hands on experience in a company like TNG or other organization is something that students can receive with most internships, but what sets Albion College internships apart from the rest of them is the network that we have at Albion College, where connections are made, and connections are maintained to help future students. The support students receive from the Institute and the college is top-notch, making it another component of the Albion Advantage.

If you have already chosen to make Albion College home and a part of the E&M or Gerstacker Institute, you’re in for a great time. If you’re still considering Albion College and E&M, keep in mind the value of experiential learning and how the Albion Advantage can work for you!

Dennis E. Oosterhart
Albion College ’12

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