Internship Spotlight with Katelyn Stringham

Hi Everyone!

My name is Katelyn Stringham and I am currently in the middle of my second internship to complete my Gerstacker experience. I am working at Coyle Funeral Home in Toledo, OH and love every second of it. I really like helping people at their most difficult times. Coyle is a small family owned business that has been around for the past 125 years! Coyle is in a transition stage in its history by trying to increase its visibility in the Toledo community.

For the past month I have helped call on the community to enlist them in helping Coyle with their new campaign with Cell Phones for Soldiers. I am working closely with the hired marketing company to increase exposure for Coyle. My boss has also been working closely with a Business Coach and I have been able to sit in on some of the meetings and they have really been eye-opening for me. This is where I made my SMART goals which help me guide what I do every day.

During the past month I have also stepped into the role of Office Manager when needed. During those times I carry many hats such as answering phones, taking first call information from new clients, collection information to complete proper forms for Ohio, delegating tasks, record payments, assisting the director in creating a positive experience and communicating with clients to assist in meeting their needs.

The next two months of my internship will be helping Coyle transition to new software to help them in their daily processes. My job for this will be collecting all the information needed to populate the software with all of the things specific to Coyle. Once the software is up and running I am going to help the directors learn how to use the software proficiently and teach them the skills that they will need to use the software correctly.

I am really looking forward to the rest of my internship because there is never a dull day at Coyle!

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