Summertime Baseball with Matt

Hey! My name is Matt Ankenbrandt and I am a senior at Albion College.  I am currently participating in my second internship as part of the Gerstacker Institute.  The company I am working for is, Dugout Media.  They specialize in mobile marketing tours and target youth and their families at a variety of different sporting events.  I am working primarily with the baseball youth fan fest tours.   I am spending the summer in Oneonta, NY at the Cooperstown All Star Village.

Matt, Intern with Dugout Media

So far this summer has been a blast.  I am having so much fun and I am meeting lots of new people.   From the beginning I had to get to know the other people that are on the tour.  We have five people on our tour from Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.  It may sound scary, moving to a new town and starting a new internship not knowing, but let me tell it has been great! I couldn’t have asked for better people to be around and I have made friends for life.

My job is to market and sell to youth baseball players and their families.  The booth that I am working for is Akadema; this is great because I actually use their product as a college baseball player.  I spent the first week in Kentucky completing training.  I was able to speak with the owners about the company message and branding.

I learned a lot from them that first day and it has really helped me get off on the right foot for the summer. I sell gloves, sunglasses, catcher’s gear, sandals, t-shirts, and performance bands at my booth.  The main goal is to sell the product, but even more so it is important to interact with the customers, teach them about the product and get them interested and through that I have learned to interact with individuals of all ages.

Being a part of the Economics and Management Department and the Gerstacker Institute has fully prepared me for both of my internships.  With the combination of learning in and outside the classroom I feel that I was prepared for the challenges I have faced.  I participated in mock interviews before applying for internships and was able to see small business at work during Summer School 2010. Without the Economics and Management department, the Gerstacker Institute and Albion College all working together, I would have never have been able to have such amazing experiences over the last ten months.

My plans after graduation are to continue on in sports management and I believe this internship will help me significantly. After completing this internship I will have experiences talking to business owners on a weekly basis, interacting with many different types of consumers, and taking care of the inventory. These are areas that I will work with daily in my future career in sports management.   I am looking forward to the rest of my internship here in New York and can’t wait to see what the next seven weeks have in store!

Matt Ankenbrandt

Albion College 2012

Find out more about Matt’s summer adventures in Baseball by checking out his blog.

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1 Response to Summertime Baseball with Matt

  1. Rosalie Peruchietti says:

    Matt, great article. You did a good job. Sounds like you’re really enjoying your internship, meeting lots of people, making new friends and learning how the business world works. Congratulations!!!

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