Risky Business: A Day in the Life of a Risk Intern

For the past five weeks I have had the pleasure of being an Advisory Services Intern with Ernst and Young. More specifically, my service line falls within the Risk practice. Since I am working for a “Big Four” accounting firm, many may think my only task is entails crunching numbers, but this job entails far more than meets the eye. In order to be successful in Advisory Services, one must be able to effectively grasp complex business practices and articulate such findings with the intention of ultimately assessing risk components of a business.

Senior, Angela Bennett, intern at Ernst & Young

My first week on the job, all of the interns traveled to Chicago to learn a little more about what EY was all about. This was a great opportunity to network. As I have learned in several of my Albion College business classes, networking is an important component of increasing your own human capital. I met with interns from all over the Midwest region, and learned more about the Risk practice in general. This opportunity set the stage for the rest of my internship, and really motivated me to plunge right into the next phase: working at the client site.

My engagement assignment has been with the same client the entire time, which turned out to provide a plethora of opportunities to gain field work experience. On a daily basis, I am interacting with different Ernst and Young employees, as well as top management from the client. The Internal Audit team I work with is considered a co-source. Whether my co-worker happens to be a staff member, or a partner, everyone is happy to answer any questions I have, and provide career guidance when needed.

Since my internship is at the half way point, I am working to personify the idea that an intern can achieve a high level of performance by seeking out relevant knowledge and resources and through the utilization of relevant experiences, become more efficient. Right now I am traveling with my engagement team to perform an Internal Audit in Alabama at a client plant. This is my first real business trip, and I am certainly trying to apply the knowledge I have acquired during my internship. My main goal is to comprehend and apply the scope of various business processes; I am also focusing on increasing the client’s current internal process optimization by being conscious of ways to improve/further implement current control protocols.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better summer internship to catapult me into my first experience in corporate life. I can honestly attribute part of my internship success to the education I have received with the Gerstacker Institute at Albion College. Many companies, especially accounting firms like Ernst and Young, recruit at Albion because they understand the quality of education being administered. Now I look forward to taking my internship experience back to Albion as I start my senior year.

Angela Bennett

Albion College Senior ’12

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