A Grand Experience in Northern Michigan

This internship completes my requirements at Albion College and as a member of the Gerstacker Institute. I cannot imagine a better place to apply my knowledge and learn so much more about business management, event coordinating, and hospitality than Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

 I have learned all the steps to planning a successful event at one of the world’s largest summer resorts. There is a lot of collaboration with in the hotel to make any event, big or small, happen. Reservations, chefs and kitchen staff, convention porters, musicians, the flower shop, general and assistant managers, the convention managers, and many others all work together to make an event happen. I have had the opportunity to take on the responsibility with my own groups, mostly family groups and smaller business groups, to coordinate with the hotel to meet and exceed their expectations.

 My first day at Grand Hotel I was introduced to my files of about 20 groups I would be working with from May through October, and more have been added since then. Everyday I call clients to keep updating plans, whether it is an anniversary celebration planning carriage tours, private dinners, and family slideshows or a business convention with meetings, tee times, and working lunches. I have to find available space for the groups in meeting rooms and private rooms for meals to meet the clients’ needs while fitting them in with many other groups in the hotel at the same time.

 I work with so many great people as well. I have gained so many great friends and mentors throughout this internship and being on Mackinac Island. The island has become a great place to work and live. Most of the employees at Grand Hotel have employee housing about ¾ of a mile up the hill from the hotel. I have my own room, sharing a bathroom with my suitemate. Many of my friends live close by. It often feels a bit like college on the island.

 This has been a wonderful opportunity, and I enjoy so many aspects of what I do at Grand Hotel. With wonderful people in such a beautiful place it is hard not to enjoy going to work everyday.

Amy Sorenson

Albion College Summer 2011 Graduate

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