Summer Wrap-Up

Things are officially in full swing here on campus.  We have just begun week 3 of classes and our students, faculty and staff are starting to really settle into the daily routines that come with the 15 week semester. Since summer has officially come to a close we want to give you a little wrap up of what our students were up to this summer.  As you may have noticed from our previous blog posts our students were busy in the working world completing internship and gaining real life work experience.  Here is just a glimpse at some of our summer stats.

Internship Host with the most Albion Interns: Ernst and Young
5 Albion students were given the opportunity to work in varying areas at E&Y. 2 of the interns Melissa and Aaron wrote about their experiences and shared them on this blog be sure to check those out to learn what the students were really up to.

Number of Internships out-of-state: 2
We had 1 student in Ohio at Coyle Funeral Home and 1 student in Cooperstown, NY working for Dugout Media.  Matt and Katy also shared their experiences in previous posts find out what life is like for an out-of-state intern is.

Our most out of the ordinary internship was held by Junior, Kimmy Leverenz.  She worked as a research assistant at the cancer research center at the U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor.  Check out her post here!

All of our interns did a wonderful job and many were giving full-time employment offers for after graduation.  With that said, another successful summer is on the books and we are ready to take on the Fall 2011 semester.  We have students around the state, country and world this semester so please check back regularly to find out what they are up to. Check back next week when we’ll be giving you a peek into our jam-packed fall schedule and some exciting new additions to the E and M crew here on campus.

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