Aaron Croad Update

*Editor’s note: This post is a follow up to Aaron Croad at Ernst & Young*

Hello all!

My name is Aaron Croad and I am closing in on two months removed from graduating from Albion College! My experience at Albion College was great; I was challenged to grow academically; I was pushed to my physical best athletically, and I was placed in the right environment and given the opportunity to grow professionally. Consequently, after being involved with the E&M Department at Albion, along with the Gerstacker Institute, I matured incredibly throughout my four years at Albion and I set myself up for a great start in my professional career. After a great summer internship with Ernst & Young in Detroit, I was offered a job with them in September 2011 to begin soon after graduation. My first day full time with E&Y is August 13th! I am extremely excited for the new challenges ahead. I will be working in their Performance Improvement practice, a division within their Advisory Services. I have to credit my experiences at Albion College for preparing me for what I have accomplished thus far (in order to get the full time job offer) and for what lies ahead.

If you have any questions or want to reach out to me, my email address is aac14@albion.edu.


Aaron Croad

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